These Awards recognise students in each year level who have consistently achieved outstanding results across all learning areas, specifically they must have achieved 5 or more 7’s across all their subjects.

 For Year 6 the academic award recipients are:

  • Evelyn Bartlett
  • Chloe Burge
  • Anika Parenta
  • Ema Stobart

 For Year 7 the academic award recipients are

  • Molly Burns
  • Tia Hoopmann

For Year 8 the academic award recipients are

  • Eden Slater
  • Caitlin Thomas

 For Year 9 the academic award recipients are

  • Ben James
  • Leanna Santostefano



These Service Awards recognise students who have shown exemplary attitude and action towards others within the College and wider community. Each of these students has been nominated and received the highest number of votes from the staff of Navigator College.

 For Year 6 the Service Award recipient is: Chloe Burge

For Year 7 the Service Award recipient is: Molly Burns

For Year 8 the Service Award recipient is: Eden Slater

For Year 9 the Service Award recipient is: Hannah Richardson



The House award goes to a recipient in each House who has demonstrated leadership qualities throughout the year. These students have shown outstanding effort in their academic work, services to others, including the College community and have demonstrated leadership and team sportsmanship towards others. In addition, the recipients of these awards have shown themselves to resolve any issues or conflicts peacefully and can communicate responsibly and admirably towards all in the College community.

For Hadley the recipient is: Molly Burns

For Hipparchus the recipient is: Mitchell Jude

For Magellan the recipient is: Jesse Broome



This award is given to a student who acquires points for participating in SAPSASA or higher, SSASA sports and for State representation.

The recipient of this award is: Joseph Harris



The Journey Award has been chosen to acknowledge a student who has, over the year developed a strong understanding about the Navigator College ‘Journey’. The student who will receives this award is one who has demonstrated an attitude reflective of the mission and vision of our College and has made significant changes to their attitude toward the school, work and study habits. In essence, the student has joined the ‘Journey’ of Navigator College.

This year the Journey Award goes to: Dion Robertson



The MYP Award is presented to the student in the Middle School who has best demonstrated the attributes of the learner profile throughout their time in the MYP. These attributes are: open-minded, inquirer, principled, communicator, knowledgeable, caring, balanced, risk-taker, thinker and reflective. As well as these attributes, this student has also shown active involvement in service action, and has developed a terrific sense of international mindedness, two other central concepts of the MYP.

This year the recipient is: Leanna Santostefano



The Spirit of Navigator Award is presented to a student who exemplifies courage, determination, warmth, empathy and willingness to service others, both in the College community and beyond. We often talk about the Navigator College ‘Journey’ and in many ways the Spirit Award supports this, as it encapsulates the attributes of the College’s Mission and Vision. This person values and lives out College life in a way that exemplifies who we are in every aspect of their life.

The recipient of this award has consistently over time demonstrated the true spirit of Navigator College.

This year the recipient is: Eden Slater


It is my pleasure to announce the 2016 Rowan Ramsey Federal Parliamentary Award. This award is to be presented to a member of the College community who has given outstanding service to the College.

The recipient of this award has been actively involved in volunteering her time in the library since back in 2010. She has been an extremely reliable and committed volunteer to Navigator College. She always has a friendly smile and a welcoming approach.

Unfortunately, the recipient of this award is unable to make it today but we would love to still announce that this year’s recipient is: Amie Weber